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dry, pressed cake of foundation color

Starblend line by Mehron - an industry standard

2 oz container will cover 70 faces

apply cake with dampened rubber or natural sponge or dry with powder brush or puff

click here for Mehron's color chart

available in american indian, rich taupe, dark egyptian, butterfly/geisha, oriental, monster gray, moonlight white, light buff, neutral buff, soft peach, light beige blush, light khaki, tan glow, amber tan, light cinnamon, extra fair, rich topaz, ruddy bronze, contour i, contour ii, juvenile, pale rose, light cocoa, fair female, medium male, sable, light egyptian, old age, black, blue, eurasia chinois, eurasia fair, eurasia ivory, eurasia japanais, green, light ebony, light gray, medium ebony, orange, dark olive, alabaster, light olive, mid-light olive, medium olive, mid-dark olive, purple, pink, red, true tan, bronzed tan, ivory bisque, soft beige, light tan, medium tan, white, warm honey, and yellow

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